Katameya Breeze



The stimulating pulse of the clubhouse! The fact that Breeze is situated right at the clubhouse's vibrant heart, fully overseeing the dazzling view of the pool, with an array of cuisines and moods, makes it the ideal choice for anyone seeking uncompromised quality. From after work cocktails to private hire for occasions, Breeze has something to offer everyone. The Italian and Lebanese restaurants and the bar ooze ambience and elegance, and with our unrivaled attention to detail, Breeze has definitely become a place to see, and to be seen at.

Italian Breeze

The whiff inside is an absolute reflection of the Italian cultural diversity with its amazing array of geographical differences. Every platter served represents a piece of Italian heritage, which is all fused together in the restaurant's contemporary Roman ambience.ita

As depressed as you may get, a plate of Bolognese Lasagna that's traditionally baked with beef sauce will surely be a source of pleasure and joy as it is in countries far and wide. Our menu is simply filled with marvelous pasta dishes made with all types of vegetables and pulses. Fragrant cheeses are also a prime ingredient for many dishes. If you're a cheese lover go directly for a Tagliata di Manzo. You'll delight your taste buds with the flavor of beef fillet with parmesan flakes and rosemary potatoes. A truly Italian savor!

With special stress on distinguished service in stress-free, classy surroundings and a wide-ranging menu using the finest Italian ingredients, Breeze is the ideal spot for both corporate and pleasure dining, whether you only have time for a bite on-the-run, or would like to settle in with friends for the evening.

Choosing the exceptional view of the whole pool area in the morning is a very difficult compromise when compared with the night state of Breeze. That's when glass panels surrounding the restaurant are folded all the way, turning the place to a stimulating, open air diner. A very tempting atmosphere for a serving of charcoal-grilled jumbo prawns.

Breeze meets a wide range of dining requirements, from an intimate dinner for two, large families or social gatherings, or business lunches. It is also a perfect choice for exclusive use, whether for a wedding reception or a business event.

Let your passion for Sicilian spices carry you to Breeze, an essential ingredient of Italian cuisine, both in the kitchen and on the dining table.

Lebanese Breeze

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 That's where you'll get a piece of everything; a smooth blend of European elegance with a stir of Mediterranean impulsiveness. With just a pinch of exaggeration, every single detail is meant to put you in a certain mood.

The truly unrivaled plush seats elegantly set in the open air by the pool call for a lip smacking assortment of Hot Mezzah. As you laze back in the stirring candlelight, enjoying a gentle cool wind, nothing will taste more scrumptious than some deep fried calamari rings with tartar sauce. Amongst some extra company, fire-up the giggles with a few cheese balls.

Cut the coldest nights shorter nibbling on chicken shawerma smudged in tomeya or beef sate with a touch of ginger. On the contrary, make the most out of unplanned snacks by picking one of our appetizing Cold Mezzah. Let your impulses make your choice. From among an assortment of traditional Lebanese food with a twist, Rocca and Fatoush rank really high. Your dining enjoyment will reach the peak with an infusion of contemporary and classical tunes. The pool-side stage features hot and groovy hours every night.

Peaceful morning get-togethers are totally brisk. On a clear day the morning sunlight induces energy and vitality to your body with minimal annoying heat. Sweeping pergolas extend their shade over the homely seating layout.

Someone in your company and not into Lebanese food will be completely satisfied. Let them make their pick from an astounding sushi menu for the Japanese buffs.

With the same liveliness of dabka, the Lebanese Breeze is truly the ideal choice to hold an event. Make your pick between sunlight and candlelight. Whatever your choice is you'll enjoy an unmatched hint of luxury with a most exotic dining experience.

The Breeze Bar


This is the place to meet in a relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Adorned with exotic glowing lighting cylinders in a tranquil ambience, Breeze Bar offers both counter-height intimate tables and, for larger groups, areas where you can gather together and relax.

The glimmering light reflection on the pool surface gently ripples with every gust of wind; creating a highly dreamy aura. Live background tunes continue to enliven your gathering as the music band plays right across the bar and overlooking the pool.

Our extensive bar menu offers a wide choice of classic and contemporary cocktails and the finest selection of beverages.

Location: Bottom floor of the clubhouse, overlooking the pool.


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